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Country - MALI

This is Malaysia's exports in MALI, including description, value. Click the hs code, you can browse more information.

0203 Meat of swine, fresh, chilled or frozen. 5375
0303 Fish, frozen, excluding fish fillets and other fish meat of heading 03.04. 57148
1511 Palm oil and its fractions, whether or not refined, but not chemically modified. 2603540
1901 Malt extract; food preparations of flour, groats, meal, starch or malt extract, not containing cocoa or containing less than 40% by weight of cocoa calculated on a totally defatted basis, not elsewhere specified or included; food preparations of goods of 639428
2101 Extracts, essences and concentrates, of coffee, tea or mat? and preparations with a basis of these products or with a basis of coffee, tea or mat? roasted chicory and other roasted coffee substitutes, and extracts, essences and concentrates thereof. 35373
2106 Food preparations not elsewhere specified or included. 119927
3004 Medicaments (excluding goods of heading 30.02, 30.05 or 30.06) consisting of mixed or unmixed products for therapeutic or prophylactic uses, put up in measured doses (including those in the form of transdermal administration systems) or in forms or packin 47893
3006 Pharmaceutical goods specified in Note 4 to this Chapter. 28100
3101 Animal or vegetable fertilisers, whether or not mixed together or chemically treated; fertilisers produced by the mixing or chemical treatment of animal or vegetable products. 11850
3401 Soap; organic surface-active products and preparations for use as soap, in the form of bars, cakes, moulded pieces or shapes, whether or not containing soap; organic surface-active products and preparations for washing the skin, in the form of liquid or c 1453